Alfea School for Fairies is one of the three main learning places located in Magix.

Information Edit

Alfea is under the direction of Ms. Faragonda, who is the headmistress. Here faires learn how to control their powers and use magic for good. Most of the students from Alfea are between ages of 16-19 (with the exception of Stella who has 20 years, but she has to repeat due the incident that she made inside the laboratory).

Building Edit

The Alfea school has many classrooms and long hallways where the girls have to cross to attend from a class to another and to get onto their dorms. The school also has a ballroom, which is located under the office of the Headmistress. Outside the building, there is a large courtyard with a waterhole, where the students spend their recess from the classes, also includes a section which serves for ceremonies. These sites have seen several times during the progress of the series.

Dorm Rooms

The Alfea dorm rooms, are a second home for students residing in Alfea while away from home. When they not in classes spend most of the time here. While they are studying, sleeping or talking to her roommates. With some exceptions like Stella who has a room for herself, most of the girls live in rooms of two. Also, the students decorate their respective sides of the rooms, according to their personal tastes.

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